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metal_bootleg's Journal

Metal Bootleg
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Metal bootlegs

Welcome to metal_bootleg, the place to share and find your metal bootlegs. For more info, check out the rules below. We recommand reading these rules before joining.

Mods: innocent_youth and dantalie

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01. Upload only bootlegs/rare releases/bonustracks which can somehow be categorized as metal.
02. Be nice to each other.
03. Don't leech, upload something every now and then too.
04. Say thanks when you download something.
05. Listen to the maintainers.
06. Tag your entries;
>> !request, when you make a request
>> !tagless, when a tag does not yet exist
>> !lists, if you want to put up a list of bootlegs you have and are up to share with our members
>> #bootleg - audio, when your post contains an audio bootleg
>> #bootleg - video, when your post contains a video bootleg
>> #rare, when your post contains rare releases and/or bonustracks that aren't considered bootlegs
>> artist name(s), so everybody can easily find everything by their fav artist.
07. If you upload more than 3 songs, please archive this in a RAR-file.
08. Preferably use Mediafire.com for uploading.
09. All post should be friends only.


If you want to become an affiliate, please leave a comment here.

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